To Sugar or Not To Sugar

My last post was about using Agave Nectar, and we get a lot of questions about other types of sugars to use in recipes. There are a lot of types of sugars and sweeteners out there, and it can be confusing which one is the most nutritious. We like to tell our customers that sugar is sugar, no matter what form (syrup, nectar, floral, etc). No matter which type you end up using at home, always use your sweeteners in moderation!

If adding a little bit of sweetener will help you drink your green smoothies, then we encourage using your favorite type of sweetener. A lot of us grew up drinking sweet drinks like apple juice, and we’ve been conditioned to drink sweet things, so don’t feel bad about wanting to add in a little extra sweetener at first! The goal is to use less sweeteners to your morning breakfast smoothie every day, until you don’t feel a need to add any at all. This may take a little time getting used to, but it’s all about adjusting your taste to more natural foods.

??????? WHICH ONE TO USE ????????
??????? WHICH ONE TO USE ????????

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All About Agave

If you have been to our demonstration, you might have noticed us using agave nectar as the sweetener for our juices and frozen desserts. We try to keep our demonstrations Vegetarian/Vegan, meaning we stray away from using any meat, dairy, or animal products. Out of the sweeteners that are appropriate for such diets, we choose to use agave because it has a neutral flavor and doesn’t affect the taste and flavor of our recipes too much.

Now, we get a lot of different opinions about agave nectar at our booth, so we thought we’d make a post about it to clear up some misconceptions…

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Last Stretch in Alaska…

We are almost through the last half of our stay in Alaska – a few of you have asked us if we will be around after the Alaska PFD’s. Unfortunately, we were unable to extend our show at the DeBarr Costco, and will be ending on the 27th, as scheduled, which is right before PFD’s are issued. That’s the bad news.

BUT…GOOD NEWS is that we will have a last minute mini-show at the other Costco on Dimond from Oct 1-3.

****However, please note that at Dimond, we will ONLY have 5300s (no presets). So if you were planning on grabbing a 6500, get it at our current show while you can!****

You still have another week to pick your new 6500 up! Come say hi!


How to Clean Your Vitamix Container

There are only three days left of the Alaska State Fair – we are doing a wonderful package deal so come by if you are in the area and check out the demo!

Since Vitamix has been available since infomercials (did you know that Vitamix aired the first infomercial?!), we often have long-time owners here at our booth. One of the most common questions we get from owners who have had their machines 20+ years is how to clean the film buildup on their containers!

Over a period of time, the Vitamix containers might become cloudy/foggy/filmy from the minerals found inside our water, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is really easy to get rid of that mineral buildup! I recommend doing one of the following “deep cleans” once every three months to keep your container nice and clear. Here are three common ways to clean your container:

1. White Vinegar
Pour a cup of white vinegar with five cups of warm water into your container. Blend this mixture for 5 minutes. After you’re done blending, fill the rest of the container with hot water and soak overnight. Pour the mixture out the next day and you should be able to wipe off most of the film with a soapy cloth or sponge (I recommend using one of those big baby bottle cleaners so you don’t have to stick your hand inside the container!)

2. Bleach
Since we are required to have sanitizer at our demo booths, a lot of demonstrators will have bleach on hand. After a few days of hardcore demos, our containers will get foggier faster than the average user. Once in a while, some demonstrators will pour a capful of bleach (very small amount) with 2 cups of hot water, and let the Vitamix run for 6 minutes (or the soup setting if you have an automatic model). Most of the film should disappear during the cycle. If you are comfortable with using bleach in a cooking appliance, this is an effective way to keep your container clean.

3. Denture Cleaning Tablets/Coffee Pot Stain Remover
You can purchase these types of tablets online or at your local pharmacy, or even at the grocery store. You can either follow the directions via the package, or we just use 1-2 tablets with two cups of warm water, and run the Vitamix for 6 minutes (or on the soup setting for automatic models). This is what we recommend to customers who feel uncomfortable using bleach in their appliances; we do not have bleach at our house so we find that it’s easier and cheap to use these tablets!

If you have your own tips and tricks on how to keep your container clean, let us know so we can share it with the rest of the world 🙂


We’re in Alaska!

Hello everyone!

Sorry our blog has been quiet! Will and I are currently in ALASKA working at the Alaska State Fair. In case anyone was wondering, it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL here! We’ve been able to meet so many awesome people so far – if you’re reading this right now because you received a card at the fair, HELLO!!!

We will be here until the beginning of October – since we are staying at a hotel, it makes it difficult to try new recipes and share them! But we would like to take this time to take any requests for anything you would like us to share; if you are wondering how to make something, someone else probably has the same question, too!

Let us know what recipes you want to learn how to make, or any questions you have, and we will answer those questions in the following months.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, and happy blending!



Fresh Hot Nut Butter

When you look at a peanut butter jar from the store, sometimes you find that there are a whole lot of ingredients…most of them un-pronounceable! Natural nut butters have started becoming more popular, but what most people don’t know is that these nut butters – whether it’s peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, etc. – are all EASY PEASY to make – especially when you have a Vitamix!


The Vitamix will blend your as chunky or as smooth of a nut butter you want. This week, we made a batch that was half almonds and half cashews. Feel free to mix as many nuts together as you want!

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…


Let’s be real – how many times have we vowed to go on a diet? And how many times did that diet include cutting out sweets and desserts? And then…how many times did we break our resolve a few months (or even weeks…or days!) later?

Being “healthy” doesn’t mean you have to cut out foods you love, especially when you have the number one blender in the world. Some of my favorite types of frozen desserts are the ones made from frozen fruits! Will and I are particularly good at buying too much fruit and particularly bad at eating it all on time before it goes bad, so whenever our fruit is about to go bad, I like to prepare them in ziplock bags and throw them in the freezer for another day. Frozen fruit is perfect to make a delicious frozen dessert on the spot (midnight craving, anyone?), or you can throw them in your smoothies in place of ice cubes!

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Green Smoothies for LIFE!

We had a rare moment at our house today – our leftover fruit just HAPPENED to be the same fruits used in our demo green smoothie. It’s super fitting for this to be our first post, because as demonstrators, this is our favorite recipe to show customers at our booth, and, as you get to know us, you’ll understand just how important these types of recipes are to us!

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